I wouldn’t say that I’m bossy.

“Has anyone ever told you how bossy you are?”

“I wouldn’t say that I’m bossy. I just always know what to do before anyone else does and I do not keep the information to myself.”

— from Three Schemes and a Scandal (Writing Girls #1) by Maya Rodale

I love the whole Writing Girls series and this novella is no exception. Charlotte is so wonderfully charming in her scheming and I could read books and books of her life.


Options other than marriage

“Perhaps most women think it is easier to marry than to support themselves,” he said, deliberately provoking her.

“Easier?” she snorted. “I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that spending the rest of one’s days in domestic drudgery is any easier than working at some trade. What women need is more education, more choices, and then they will be able to consider options for themselves other than marriage.”

— from Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas, set in 1836 London.


It must be love.

“A whacking crate of books is the only thing heavier than a washtub,” Sukey grumbled good-naturedly.

“It’s not a crate. It’s a hamper with six books in the bottom. And I only brought the first volume of each.”

“Ooh, you separated the volumes?” Sukey put on a wide-eyed expression. “It must be love.”

— from Sweet Disorder (Lively St. Lemeston #1) by Rose Lerner